Artist Victor de Bie (Groningen, 1976) is one of four siblings in a family of artists and graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2001 as a fashion designer.

In 2017, after a multi-faceted career in the fashion industry as a stylist, fashion editor and casting-agent, de Bie makes a U-turn and dedicates himself fo his free work. 

As a visual artist he creates his universe by drawings, paintings and objects that intuitively reflect his world of experience in a narrative and autobiographical way.

His work is largely inspired by the Roman Catholic culture of his originally Belgian family, with relatives that painted numerous religious works in Churches and Cathedrals in the Flanders Area. His family residence in Antwerp as well as his parental home, both filled with family heirlooms and family portraits, are clearly beloved subject matters.

Much to his own surprise it's his intuitive approach to his work that has sprouted his collection of interior pieces into existence. 

With the help of specialised professionals and created with an awareness of our planet's current state of being, De Bie shapes his own cosmos, shifting boundaries between art and design.